1. Caregivers on the front lines fully recognize that giving patients a few dollars isn’t ultimately the way to solve the problems of society. But the starkness of our patients’ immediate needs are hard to ignore.

    One of my patients with diabetes recently lost her food stamps benefits, and her blood sugar hurtled out of control. “Brown rice costs so much more than white rice,” she told me. “Potatoes are cheaper than fruits and vegetables.”

    When Doctors Give Patients Money - NYTimes.com

    Hey, you know what helps poor people? Money.

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  2. mediclopedia:

    Art and Medicine

    The kinds of things that make me happier.

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  3. I want this hanging in my living room.

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  5. official graduate and become an MD in two days.

    I can’t believe I finished medical school.


  6. my life right now.


  7. Origen proclaimed: ‘We do not serve as soldiers even though the Emperor require it.’ The Eastern canons, known as the Egyptian Church Order, ruled: ‘If a catechumen or a believer wishes to become a soldier, let him be rejected for he has despised God.’ As late as the fourth century, when the West had gradually accepted the ideas of a “just” war and the legitimacy of military service, St Basil the Great taught that they who had shed blood in war should abstain from communion for three years.
    — A Monk in the Eastern Church, Orthodox Spirituality: An Outline of the Orthodox Ascetical and Mystical Tradition (via audaciousadorablosity)

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  8. I just had a spiritual experience eating an imported cheese platter with honey, fig jam, and balsamic reduction in the Bronx.

    I haven’t been that happy in a long time.


  9. I do not want to be lonely all my life but people only make us lonelier by reminding us of God.
    — Flannery O’Connor, from her prayer journal, 4/14/47 (via awful-bliss)

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  10. this was crazy.


  11. last clinical clerkship of medical school ever: research elective concerning transgender care in the bronx


  12. new favorite beer, can’t even pronounce it



  14. joined snatchat for five min, already got a tittie shot.

    should have joined sooner.


  15. Banning methotrexate and mifepristone for abortions would leave woman only one option to end a pregnancy, surgery. This is so incredibly dangerous and scary. I hope a doctor gets involved at the higher level of this legislation and put a stop to this nonsense. I can’t believe this shit is happening in America.