1. new glasses!


  2. i should be studying, i’m doing everything except studying at this point. what is life.


  3. it’s that kind of night/week/month.


  4. new kitten!!!


  5. really. really. really don’t want to do this patient write up. someone come save me. with tacos or chocolate or something. i’ll even accept brussel sprouts.


  6. typical lets-use-photo-booth-in-a-library-instead-of-studying time


  7. current v-day activities: cuddling


  8. kinda upset that i have to sleep early from now on in order to wake up at 6. 


  9. getting-ready-to-leave-and-loving-this-lip-cranberry-shimmer-thing.

    also, blurry.


  10. we’re playing that game where we can see how long we can survive without turning on the heat. i don’t know how to tell who/what is winning but i’m wearing 5 layers and a scarf.


  11. me and my cousin. can’t wait to be back in egypt in less than two weeks.


  12. got my eyebrows threaded for the first time ever. felt like a lawn mower was going over my head. cost only 4bucks.


  13. attempt at being girly take #86: new earrings from a thrift store.


  14. at 3am today, i registered to take the United States Medical Licensing Exam Step One. should i be excited?


  15. guess who got a kitten??